How to brew with French Press

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4 to 5 mins

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You love a bold, robust flavoured coffee. Perhaps the most common, household favourite yet underrated form of brewing. The earliest documented origins of the French Press can be traced back to 1852, to The World Atlas of Coffee. In the decades that followed, several enhancements have been made to this brewer.

You will need

coffee amt & grind size

20 gms & coarse grind

Water amt & temp

200 gm & 92-94°C

We recommend starting with a 1:10 coffee-to-water ratio. So for every gram of coffee, add 10 grams of water (that’s roughly 2 teaspoons). For one cup, start with 20g of coffee and 200g of water. Experiment to find the perfect ratio for you. For a denser cup, try a ratio of 1:8.

Steps to brew


Pour some hot water into the French Press; press and raise the plunger four or five times to loosen any trapped oils or debris. Rinse it out.


Measure 20g of coarse-ground coffee on the kitchen scale. ARAKU’s Grand Reserve and Micro Climate coffees are well-suited for a French Press. Add the coffee to the glass carafe.


Heat a little more than 200g of water until simmering (92-94°C); make sure the water isn’t boiling. We recommend using a regular kettle rather than a gooseneck kettle since the French Press requires a quick pour. Typically, these cofeemakers have measurements inscribed on the glass; if it has worn off with time, use the kitchen weighing scale to maintain the ratio. Pour the water in one go and close the lid – don’t press the plunger down just yet.


After 4 or 5 min, gently press the plunger all the way down. Try a smooth press; avoid a quick plunge as that might leave you with sediments or fine coffee grounds in your brew.