Unlock the secrets of brewing the perfect cup of ARAKU specialty coffee with our comprehensive guides

Before you get started

Brewing 101



Good coffee starts here! The fundamental difference between instant and specialty coffee is the quality of beans. Broadly, instant coffee is made from Robusta beans rather than the higher quality Arabica beans.


grind size

Does size matter? Yes, in this case!

 If you’ve found that your coffee tastes sour or bitter, the coffee is over extracted. Try a coarser grind. 

 If the coffee extraction process was fast, and it tastes dull, watery or flat, the coffee is potentially under-extracted. Try a finer grind.

Understanding equipment

The right equipment unleashes the full potential of the coffee's profile. It allows for experimentation and customisation, enabling coffee enthusiasts to fine-tune their brewing methods for a truly exceptional coffee experience. Investing in the right brewing equipment is a gateway to the full spectrum of flavours.

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