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Micro Climate
Micro Climate
Micro Climate
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Micro Climate

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Grown in a rare terroir, like the riverine island of Baankubedda, distinguished by gentle slopes, diversely shaded highland microplots. This coffee is a natural process.

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Dried berry

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Micro Climate

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Know your coffee

ARAKU Micro Climate is 100% Arabica

Rich, mellow, intensely fruity, it offers an aroma laden cup. With its generous body and wholesome notes of candied fruit, it lends itself perfectly to filtered brew, pour overs or a French Press. A unique coffee from rare terroirs of gently sloping, diversely shaded highland micro-plots situated on a river island.



Natural Process

Natural process, which yields our Signature, Grand Reserve, High Altitude and Micro Climate coffees. In the natural coffee process, the full cherry is dried prior to de-pulping. Natural processed coffee will taste fruitier and have a heavier body as the drying coffee beans absorb some of the sugars from the surrounding fruit.


Honey Process

Pulp-sundried or honey coffee is an eco-friendly process as it generates very little solid and liquid waste. The fruity and sweet notes of ARAKU’s Selection and High Altitude blends are due to the presence of mucilage in the honey-processed coffee. Here, the coffee skin is removed and the coffee is de-pulped to varying degrees but no mucilage is removed and it is sent to the drying yard. The honey process is a rare and unique system that is almost exclusively used by specialty coffee producers as it is simple, affordable and intuitive.



Washed Process

Early Harvest is a washed coffee — these coffees are prized for their clarity and vibrant notes. The coffee cherries go through the Columbian Penagos pulper that removes the sticky mucilage surrounding the coffee seeds, and the coffee is left to ferment for 18-24 hours. Then the coffee is washed in fresh water and sent to the drying yard — removing the cherry prior to drying allows the bean’s intrinsic flavours to really shine. In the semi-washed process, which is also used for ARAKU’s Signature blend, some of the mucilage remains and after fermentation, the beans are sent to the drying yard. The mucilage lends mild sweet and fruit notes to the semi-washed coffee.

850 to 870 feet


Micro Climate is sourced primarily from the riverine island of Baankubedda, surrounded by water and aerated by a refreshing wind, it houses just about 34 families. The coffee benefits from the incredible biodiversity, rare insects, and regenerative agricultural practices on these plots. The soil is compact, dark brown with scattered medium to big rocks.



Farmer Diary
Meet Chandrakala Limkiya



Chandrakala Limkiya, one of several tribal farmers cultivating ARAKU’s rare Micro Climate coffee. She lives in Baankubedda village with her husband, Gangadhar, and three sons (all educated), who support the family in carrying forward the legacy of coffee cultivation. Her plot on this riverine island is accessible only by small boats. The island has been growing coffee since 1999 and is one the farthest villages governed by the farmers’ co-op, known as Small and Marginal Tribal Farmers Mutually Aided Cooperative Society. During the harvest season, Chandrakala makes multiple trips in her wooden boat to pluck the reddest red cherries.


Regenerative agriculture

Fresh Roast

Fair trade

Certified Organic

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. All manual brewing techniques, including the Moka Pot, French Press, Aeropress, and Pour-Over, are ideal for ARAKU Micro Climate. Always keep in mind that the grind size is very important. Opt for a coarse grind for French Press. For Aeropress and Pour-Over, a medium grind and fine grind for Moka Pot and Espresso. For further details, refer to our brew guide section.

We prioritise sustainability and freshness. Our nitrogen flushing process keeps the coffee fresh, and we package it in reusable tins and refillable pouches.

To ensure that you always receive a fresh brew, ARAKU Selection is roasted to order. You can tell exactly when it was roasted as its roast date is listed on the packaging.

Store it in a cool, dry place, away from moisture and sunlight. Enjoy within three months for flavour.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Lacks any Aroma

Bought Twice. Second time round, ordered Tin. The coffee had absolutely no aroma unlike the first time. The tin cork cover doesn’t seem to fit properly. Coffee without the aroma is no good coffee at all.

Vanishree S

I think it’s mild, and the roast is aromatic, enjoyed every sip of my coffee

Anuraj Kathait
sweet and balanced.

Clean cups every time

Chocolatey aftertaste while being low on bitterness

ngl this is the best coffee I have tasted so far from my moka pot. mild in acidity, not too bitter. couldn't taste any notes of candied fruit though which was mentioned in the description. tastes best with milk.

Kaushik S
Obsessed: Araku Valley Coffee - The Best. Period!

Obsessed with Micro Climate Araku Valley coffee! My Moka pot is my daily ritual, brewing up the most fantastic coffee I've ever tasted. All the best to the farmers and Araku Valley team.