How to brew with AeroPress

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You’re going to love this if…

You like a flavourful, full-bodied coffee and love experimenting with brewing techniques. The AeroPress was invented in the USA by retired Stanford engineering lecturer Alan Adler. Adler began developing the brewer in 2004, with the intention of reducing acidity and bitterness in his daily cup of coffee.

You will need

Coffee amt & grind size

20g, fine grind

Water amount & temperature

200ml at 92°-94°

Steps to brew


Place the desired quantity of coffee in the chamber of the AeroPress. All ARAKU coffees are well-suited to the AeroPress.


Pour half the desired quantity of hot water (92-94°C) to cover the coffee grounds and wait for a minute.


Stir the wet grounds three times, pour in the rest of the water and wait for 3 min.


Now, insert the plunger and press gently until extraction is complete. Pro tip: Add 10g of water to the brew in your cup, to express more of its aroma and flavour.