How to make Cold Brew

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12-16 hours

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You like to bring out the sweet and aromatic notes of coffee, minus any bitterness or sediments. Plus, you’d like a coffee you can store! It involves steeping the coffee grounds in water overnight. The use of cool or room temperature water, changes the balance of flavours extracted from the coffee – teasing out the subtlest flavours. The earliest form of cold brew was dubbed Kyoto-style coffee. It was made by letting cold water slowly drip over the coffee. Turns out, the Japanese were brewing coffee this way in the 1600s! 

You will need

Coffee amt & grind size

desired amt & coarse grind

Water amt & temp

60 gms & room temp

We recommend starting with a 1:10 coffee-to-water ratio. So for every gram of coffee, add 10 grams of water (that’s roughly 2 teaspoons). For one cup, start with 20g of coffee and 200g of water. Experiment to find the perfect ratio for you.

Steps to brew


Measure out the desired quantity of coarse-ground coffee. All of ARAKU’s coffees are well-suited to this method, but we highly recommend Micro Climate for its fruity flavours.


Place the coffee grounds in the mason jar or similar container. If you’re using the Hario Cold Brew bottle, place it within the fully enclosed filter. Next, pour in the water and stir or shake the jar to evenly wet all the grounds.


Allow it to steep overnight at room temperature. Or leave it in the fridge for 16-18 hours. The Hario Cold Brew carafe is made using heat-proof glass, so it withstands any temperature shocks.


After 12 or 16 hours have passed, pour the brew through a strainer. The silicone mouth on the Hario allows for a neat and filtered brew. Serve and beat the heat!


Pro tip: Another easy way to make a cup of cold brew is to use ARAKU Pocket Brew sachets, which come with a filter or drip bag. All you have to do is place the sachet in a cup, pour in the water and let it rest overnight before you remove the drip bag and enjoy your cup.


You can store the rest of the brew in the fridge for upto 72 hours.