How to Brew with Moka Pot

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3.5 to 4 min

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You love a rich and intensely flavoured cup. The ubiquitous Moka Pot was invented in 1933 by Luigi di Ponti in Italy, and named after the Yemeni city of Mocha. It marked a significant shift from espresso (which demanded a visit to the neighbourhood cafe) to home brewing – earning the moniker ‘stovetop espresso’ for its close approximation. 

The signature ARAKU Moka Pot was born out of a landmark collaboration with Norwegian design duo Anderssen & Voll. Launched in France in 2017, this elegant pot debuted in India in 2018. Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll have won several accolades including The Wallpaper Design Award and Red Dot Award, and are renowned for their finesse in blending Scandinavian design sensibilities with various cultural influences, creating objects with a distinct voice. The chic, tiered ARAKU Moka Pot is inspired by traditional Japanese teapots and the vivid, earthy colours of the Araku region. It’s crafted using insulated wood, enamel and food-grade stainless steel.

You will need

coffee amt & grind size

11-14 gms & very fine grind

Water amt & temp

150 gms & boiling water

We recommend starting with a 1:10 coffee-to-water ratio. So for every gram of coffee, add 10 grams of water (that’s roughly 2 teaspoons). For one cup, start with 20g of coffee and 200g of water. Experiment to find the perfect ratio for you.

Steps to brew


Fill the lower chamber of the Moka Pot with water, until (or just below) the safety valve. Always leave a small amount of space between the water level and the safety valve. Since this is a pressurised brewing method this is an important step to keep it from exploding.


Fill the coffee basket up to the brim, it amounts to roughly 11-14g of fine ground coffee. ARAKU Selection and Signature coffees are well-suited for Moka Pots. Pro tip: Switch to a very fine grind if you’re using the ARAKU Moka Pot.


If you like a strong brew, tap the edge of the basket to level the grounds and make room for more coffee. Place the basket over the lower chamber to assemble the Moka Pot, and seal it tight. Now screw on the upper chamber and close the lid.


Place the Moka Pot on the stovetop on a low flame; a slow extraction process reveals the more intense, floral and citrus flavours. Ideally, cover a direct flame with a metal mesh so that only the blue edge of the flame heats the pot.


The brew will be ready in 3.5 to 4 min. It is normal for steam to rise at first, followed by a trickle of coffee. You’ll hear a light gurgling sound when the coffee is ready; turn off the flame.


With the lid on, take the pot off the stove and pour yourself a cup!