Conducted by Sherri Johns our coffee mentor, barista trainer and Head Judge of the Gems of Araku competition. Sherri is an Authorised SCA Trainer (AST), former Cup of Excellence Head Judge, globally-recognised coffee expert who conducts certified SCA class offerings ensuring the highest quality of instruction for beginning Barista, Roasters, the serious and curious coffee connoisseur.

All the courses are hosted at Araku World Specialty Coffee Academy (AWSCA), located at our flagship in Bangalore, Indiranagar. The academy is equipped with top-of-the-line tools and an in-house roastery. ⁠The Coffee Skills Program at AWSCA consists of three different modules: Introduction to Coffee for beginners and coffee-enthusiasts, and specialised courses such as Barista Skills and Sensory Skills in different levels. The courses range from 1-5 days with an opportunity for practical and written online exams to receive SCA certification.

05 Points

Sensory Skills (Foundation)

In this one-day course you will learn the fundamentals of sensory evaluation of roasted coffee, an essential skill for many positions across the food and beverage industry. The Authorised Specialty Coffee Association Trainer (AST) will take you through: how the human body perceives taste and flavour, how to communicate a sensory experience methodically, introduction to the SCA Coffee Taster's Flavour Wheel and the World Coffee Research Sensory Lexicon. This course includes multiple tastings and one cupping session with instructions for what cupping is and why we cup.

  • Differentiate the sensorial aspects of coffee, including body, acidity, bitterness, and more
  • Purpose and procedure for conducting an SCA cupping
  • Specialty coffee qualities and implementing them in business
  • Basic differences in coffee attributes

Course length

8 hours (1 day)

10 Points

Sensory Skills (Intermediate)

In this two-day course, we further examine the use of Specialty Coffee Association's (SCA) Coffee Taster's Flavour Wheel and the World Coffee Research Sensory Lexicon for enhanced sensory recognition. This session includes acid profiling and multiple cupping sessions using the SCA Coffee Taster's Score Sheet to understand the nuances of coffee, followed by lively discussions. Proper protocol for arranging professional cupping sessions is reviewed, integrating SCA / Cup of Excellence (COE) standards.

  • Physiology of taste and aroma
  • Types of sensory analysis tests
  • Operation of a cupping session
  • Diversity of coffee attributes
  • Usage of the SCA Flavor Wheel and WCR Sensory Lexicon 
  • Implementation of a sensory analysis panel and session

Course length

16 hours (2 days)

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Introduction to coffee
Perfect for beginning your journey with specialty coffee.

Barista Skills
Perfect for beginning your journey with specialty coffee.

Perfect for beginning your journey with specialty coffee.