This comprehensive four-hour course is a perfect starting point to introduce you to all the key concepts of specialty coffee.

You will learn the origins of coffee, differences between Robusta and Arabica beans, how specialty coffee is grown, produced, harvested, roasted and how grind, brewing method and water affect quality in the cup. Additionally, the module provides you with introductory skills on how to taste and assess coffee, discover the SCA flavour wheel and cupping form as we complete the course with a cupping session.

SCA Coffee Skills Program: Introduction to Coffee

This course is globally accredited by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), you will receive an SCA Certificate in 'Introduction to Coffee' and will make you earn 10 points towards your SCA Coffee Skills Diploma. All attendees upon attending the first SCA course, must register online as a learner with SCA, to track their progress. There is no charge for this. We do this together at the start of course. All learners enjoy a cup of coffee on arrival!

Conducted by Sumanth Paranjape, Assistant Food and Beverage Manager (ARAKU Coffee). Sumanth is an Authorised SCA Trainer (AST) who conducts certified SCA class offerings ensuring the highest quality of instruction for beginning Barista, Roasters, the serious and curious coffee connoisseur.

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Course length

1 day course 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM (IST),
We ask that the students arrive at least 15 min prior.

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Introduction to coffee
Perfect for beginning your journey with specialty coffee.

Barista Skills
Perfect for beginning your journey with specialty coffee.

Perfect for beginning your journey with specialty coffee.