Coffee 101

Coffee 101: Nail That Brew

Come and scientifically understand the technicality of brewing coffee in various brewing equipment and different style of brewing, learn the importance of water and its hardness level effects the coffee taste profile, pre vs freshly ground coffee and the best suitable grind size for your palate.

During this brewing expedia we will take you through the following :

- How to get a perfect brew to coffee cup ratio.
- What roast level / processing can be best enjoyed on what coffee equipment and science behind it.
- Learn various method to equipment brewing.
Immersion method: French Press | Pour Over Method: V60 | Pressurized Brewing: Moka Pot | Latest Brewing Engineering: Aeropress/Kalita Wave Brewer
- Understanding the difference between conical / flat brewers | slow / fast brewing.
- Difference brewing material - ceramic vs metal vs glass.
- Different coffee filter - metal vs cloth vs paper.
- Learn the grind suitable for each brewing method to understand more about the over | perfect | under extraction.
- Walk through different grinders: electric vs hand grinder.

In the end, you graduate with an honorary diploma, snag ARAKU brewing equipment and our coffee beans for 15% off for the day!

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