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ARAKU Moka Pot ARAKU Moka Pot

ARAKU Moka Pot

Sale price₹ 3,750

The signature ARAKU Moka Pot is a three-part coffee maker that is perfect for easily brewing a hot, highly intense cup. It’s crafted using insulated wood, enamel and food-grade stainless steel, avoiding the harmful effects of the more commonly used aluminium. The ARAKU Moka Pot was born out of a landmark collaboration with Norwegian design duo Anderssen & Voll. Launched in France in 2017, this elegant pot debuted in India in 2018. Torbjørn Anderssen and Espen Voll have won several accolades including Wallpaper Award, Red Dot Award and the IF Award, and are renowned for their finesse in blending Scandinavian design sensibilities with various cultural influences, creating objects with a distinct voice.

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