Microlot 02.23
Microlot 02.23
Microlot 02.23
Microlot 02.23
medium roast

Microlot 02.23

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Coffee from the region of Ukurbha, in Araku, Andhra Pradesh. Washed coffee characterised by its bright acidity. It owes its sweetness to crimson red coffee cherries, procured from Araku’s high slopes (3111- 3444 feet) bearing a robust soil structure. A limited edition coffee secured from the choicest coffee plots.

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Toasted almond

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Microlot 02.23

Whole Beans / 250 gms

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Know your coffee

ARAKU Microlot 02.23 is 100% Arabica

It's one of the most brilliant coffees to be born out of regenerative agriculture. The flavour reflects the nutrient-rich soil. It boasts of a silky-rich body, clean and sweet, lingering aftertaste.

This coffee enjoys a 34-day drying period, during which it's evenly sun-dried on raised coffee beds. It’s very well-suited for manual brewing, especially French Press and AeroPress.



Natural Process

Natural process, which yields our Signature, Grand Reserve, High Altitude and Micro Climate coffees. In the natural coffee process, the full cherry is dried prior to de-pulping. Natural processed coffee will taste fruitier and have a heavier body as the drying coffee beans absorb some of the sugars from the surrounding fruit.


Honey Process

Pulp-sundried or honey coffee is an eco-friendly process as it generates very little solid and liquid waste. The fruity and sweet notes of ARAKU’s Selection and High Altitude blends are due to the presence of mucilage in the honey-processed coffee. Here, the coffee skin is removed and the coffee is de-pulped to varying degrees but no mucilage is removed and it is sent to the drying yard. The honey process is a rare and unique system that is almost exclusively used by specialty coffee producers as it is simple, affordable and intuitive.



Washed Process

Early Harvest is a washed coffee — these coffees are prized for their clarity and vibrant notes. The coffee cherries go through the Columbian Penagos pulper that removes the sticky mucilage surrounding the coffee seeds, and the coffee is left to ferment for 18-24 hours. Then the coffee is washed in fresh water and sent to the drying yard — removing the cherry prior to drying allows the bean’s intrinsic flavours to really shine. In the semi-washed process, which is also used for ARAKU’s Signature blend, some of the mucilage remains and after fermentation, the beans are sent to the drying yard. The mucilage lends mild sweet and fruit notes to the semi-washed coffee.

3111 to 3444 feet
Farmer Diary
Meet Ramesh & Neelaveni Lakkey



Ramesh & Neelaveni Lakkey embarked on their regenerative coffee journey in 2012, diversifying the fruit and forest trees on their farm with Naandi Foundation’s help along the way.

“We see a lot more birds now, because of the various shade and boundary trees. Their chirps fill our hearts with joy — especially during the mid-day heat!”


Regenerative agriculture

Fresh Roast

Fair trade

Certified Organic

Frequently Asked Questions

Microlots bring you a deeper exploration of Araku’s famed coffee terroirs. Specialty coffees secured from select farms and land parcels of similar elevations, soil structure and shade. The result? Utterly unique flavours with high SCA scores allotted by an international jury of coffee experts. These Microlots comprise fine examples of just how ARAKU shapes the complete seed-to-cup journey – a first for any Indian coffee. As the name suggests, the lots are limited in number; as limited as 80 packs going up to not more than a few hundred.

Your Microlot coffee will be shipped within 72 hours of order placement.

Absolutely! Join us for a meal and order a freshly roasted Microlot coffee pouch. Limited editions are roasted-to-order like all our coffees. For the optimal brewing experience, consider the crucial degassing period between roasting and packing. Your pouch will be ready for pickup or shipment once prepared.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Priya Lenin
Not as expected

This one is not as as much as it is explained like honey, floral, etc. It's just another flat coffee.

Dhruv Bhalla
Araku Fan Club

Am surely a fan of the fantastic Coffees from Araku, but on trying the microlot 02.23 I wasn't impressed.
Maybe I was expecting too much, but there's certainly flavor and punch missing.
None the less, I love Araku and will look forward to newer varieties in the future.

Great for pour overs

Enjoy my amateur attempts at pour overs with this Microlot!

Anant Kandpal
Didn't deliver as per my expectations

This coffee is great if you are planning to give up coffee. Seriously, i had super high expectations from a coffee with a high cupping score. When i cupped it , i could only taste mint. But not your usual mint, it was taste of dried mint leaves partially gone bad. After that i tried to make prepare it with different methods ~ several well extracted espresso shots, different V60 recipes etc. Today i tried the aeropress even ~ 2021 winning recipe. Had the right water temperature, dosage, etc. All i can taste is the try mint leaves and some amla. If this is the best, then coffee is over for me.

Dear Anant,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Microlot. We appreciate your effort in exploring various brewing methods and reaching out to us. Recognizing that taste preferences can vary, we value your feedback.
We would love to assist you in discovering a flavor profile that better aligns with your preferences. If you happen to be in Bangalore, please visit our café in Indiranagar. We would be delighted to introduce you to alternative coffee profiles that may suit your taste or offer additional options along with our recommended ratios. Alternatively, you can reach out to our team at +91 90003 94000 for personalized tips.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to ensuring that your next cup is perfectly tailored to your taste. :)

Pranav Kataria

Unique and Amazing taste