If you’re a coffee-lover, rejoice! ‘Tis the season of cold brews and iced coffee. Whether you’re working from home (or working out) and need a quick pick-me-up, or want to get full vacation feels while chilling on your couch, a refreshing jolt of cold brew coffee is just what you need!

Different from a cold coffee, which is just your average hot coffee diluted with ice & milk (and sometimes even additional water), Cold Brew Coffee is brewed slightly stronger and made without any added heat, resulting in a bolder, richer flavour and significantly less acidity. At Araku, we are constantly innovating to give you a taste of the best, and keeping up with that spirit, we’d like to introduce the ultimate Cold Brew Coffee - ARAKU Micro Climate.

What makes it so perfect? The Micro Climate is a unique coffee from rare terroirs of gently sloping, diversely shaded highland micro-plots in the Araku Valley, situated on the Eastern Ghats of India. “This variant is 100% naturally processed, a technique in which the fruit is left as it is on the bean as it dries, adding complexity to the coffee with distinct fruity nuances of raisins, plum, strawberry jam, and orange rind. It is the pulp which gives this distinct taste profile to the beans as the sweetness of the fruit permeates into the bean”, remarks our Head Judge & Coffee Mentor, Sherri Johns from Portland. Rich and generous, mellow yet intense, Micro Climate is incredibly fruity and provides a creamy and powerfully flavoured cup.

One of the farmers from the Micro Climate terroir, Dusuru Krishna Rao from Degu Gasarapalli says, “The single-origin, 100% organic, specialty coffee I grow in my plot here has such a unique aroma. I’m so happy my coffee got rated well during the tastings.”

The 100% natural process, in addition to the flavoursome and fruity taste notes, make ARAKU Micro Climate the perfect coffee for a cold brew! It brews a delicious cold brew with its generous body and wholesome notes of almost candied fruit and a hint of elegant bitterness in its finish. Sherri recommends the slow brewing method for cold brew which allows for full immersion over 12-15 hours (overnight!). “This reduces the chances of over-extraction and results in a cold brew that has a very smooth, velvety body and distinct flavours with a natural sweetness.”

Want to learn how to prepare a cold brew using Micro Climate - coarse grind? Check out our latest step-by-step tutorial on the same. You can opt to brew at home via the sleek Hario Cold Brew Bottle, or a French Press if you already have one at home, or even a Mason Jar. Click here to watch and learn.

Once brewed, you can either enjoy your cold brew “on the rocks” or customize it just the way you like. If you don’t like it too strong, you can add some water to dilute the taste or even a splash of your favourite dairy from almond milk to soy milk.

Complex, exotic, and delicious, did you know that the ARAKU Micro Climate Cold Brew is always a favourite at all our coffeeology events & experiences? In addition to being flavourful, it’s light and energizing - making it a great post-workout drink too. Coffee has numerous health benefits too, so the next time you’re craving an iced drink - pour yourself a tall glass of cold brew instead of an aerated drink.

Order ARAKU Micro Climate Coffee and share your brewing experience with us @arakucoffeein