Coffee culture has been evolving immensely since the past few years. And we have been witnessing this change even more distinctly than before. From a quick-fix to an all-out experience, coffee has instilled its position in our lives as a conscious consumption.

We are drinking it at home, at work, during a quick stroll in the park, in between grocery runs but most often, when we simply want one. It is an experience like none other – to cuddle the mug in our hands and breathe in the bliss before quietly sipping it.

Turns out, the world is running on coffee-fuel too. While we relax over a cup, the fourth wave of coffee is already here – the rise of fair trade and organic coffee.

Araku, on the other hand, has been a frontrunner of this wave since the beginning. From 2001, we have been bringing farmers and international experts together to kickstart a movement for heartwarming and honest cups of coffee (sipping more cups than we can count, while at it).

Our coffees are solely made for you, though. Araku’s process begins with our farmers picking the finest beans and it completes when you taste the full-bodied brew. Our endeavours to constantly evolve also brings us here, making this that we continue to make contemporary coffee that you can continue to love.

>Cold Brews

Cold brewing is a gradual process that builds up to a coffee which is relatively sweet. Maybe this is why cold brew is taking over other iced coffee drinks, which are frequently flavoured and often brimming with sugar and cream.

Cold brews have been in the market for long but it is only now that it is getting recognized for its smooth, round and versatile taste. Despite critics deducing the absence of acidity a major flaw in the taste, this trend doesn’t seem like it would disappear anytime soon.

And if you fancy making your own version, the cold brew concentrate works best using coarsely ground coffee (as the finely-ground ones create a cloudier drink).

>Non-dairy milk

For some of us, the blend of coffee and milk is what makes our mornings. And it comes as no doubt that a lot of us have been introduced to coffee with milk or come to prefer it that way. Either way, plant-based milk is getting popular and it is changing the scenario of our drinks. Primarily, the non-dairy options have stemmed out of dietary restrictions, allergies, intolerances or the choice to be vegan. But taking away dairy-milk must not mean that we compromise with the taste of our brew.

We think oat milk as an option is definitely leading the trend amongst several other plant and nut-based ones. It is full-bodied, rich in taste and has excellent fibre content. But more importantly, it pairs just right with coffee.


This trend is essentially about coffee getting home-delivered at regular intervals for a one-time/monthly/yearly fee. It is a way to conveniently enjoy coffee without keeping up with its stock (a heavenly service for lazy or busy people, especially those who might be both).
Most of us drink coffee regularly enough to know exactly when we might open the next batch.

An already set schedule is what powers the trend of coffee subscription boxes. It also ensures that there is no accumulation of unused or stale coffee either. If a subscription isn’t your thing, you can always quickly reorder your previous batch at Araku’s website.


With people worldwide slowly getting used to creating their own coffees, grinders have come to sudden limelight. Everyone already knew that excellent beans make excellent coffee. But the bridge between the two can only be crossed by a terrific grinder. Owning a grinder also ensures that one can brew better coffee every time.

Consistency is a priority for coffee lovers but a lot of grinders fail to get precise grinds.

Araku’s Hario Dome has a ceramic body that shaves the coffee beans versus cracking them to ensure a uniform grind. It is classic, convenient and makes sure that your coffee is always full-bodied, just how you like it.

>French press

The Best Coffee Trends Of 2019

With a thriving interest in good quality coffee, French press, which was previously only used by coffee aficionados has gone mainstream. The quality of this system brings is a wholesome flavour, none of which is lost in the process. It provides an experience of coffee through all five senses with the simplicity of its method.

The Hario French press available on our website makes one of the oldest methods of brewing extremely convenient. With the Hario range, a portion of coffee can be made in less than 4 minutes for a deep full-flavoured cup that is unparalleled in taste.
If you’re interested in giving French press a try, here’s a quick brewing tutorial!


Chemex has been available since the 1940s, but it recently got trending and is able to reach a much wider audience. The hourglass construction of its body with a distinct filter makes for an extraordinary pour-over system.

The Chemex brews a clean tasting drink with a bright flavour that is 100% coffee. It is also one of the most accessible methods of brewing for beginners who like a strong, not bitter brew.

Araku’s own version of the Chemex coffee maker is made from borosilicate glass and fastened with a suave wood collar. Created by Norweigan design house Anderssen & Voll, the minimal slow-brewer enhances coffee by bringing out its aromas and subtleties, constantly delivering a clean cup. Despite Chemex’s lab-like appearance, it is quite an easy system to brew from. If we have got you curious, you can check out a quick tutorial here!


These were our favourite trends of 2019 that brought the fourth wave of fair trade and organic coffee into our daily lives.
In India, Araku has been a frontrunner in leading sustainable coffee trends with excellent product quality and constant evolution. Ultimately, all of our beans are grown so that you are pleased with every cup of brew you make. We hope to continue creating coffee that brings joy in every coffee lover’s daily life.