Global warming is affecting every natural resource on this planet. The need for a future that is sustainable and healthy has become more and more important to strive for. Modern ways of farming have a huge role to play in depleting our resources while affecting the people involved.

A bulk of our food supply comes from industrial agriculture. It involves growing the same crops year after year while using chemical pesticides and fertilizers to boost productivity. These practices degrade the quality of our soil, water, and air. Moreover, these harmful practices also take advantage of vulnerable communities such as our farmers. Due to a volatile market, these communities don't always get enough money for their efforts and output, thus resulting in distress leading to accumulation of debt, or even worse farmer suicides.

In order to ensure a healthy future, we must look for sustainable options--even when it comes to coffee farming. Brewing coffee from sustainably grown coffee beans will ensure that you get the full benefits of drink while everyone involved in the supply chain is treated fairly. It is the right step in a direction that will provide a better life for the generations to come.

Why grow coffee sustainably?

In earlier days coffee was grown under a canopy of trees for shade. These trees provided not only shade but helped keep the soil fertile while also providing a habitat for animals and insects. Due to greater market demands, these coffee-growing practices were modified. Soon farmers started to cultivate a larger quantity of beans but on sun-grown farms––reducing the need for trees. It led to a decline in natural pollination and elevated pest problems. This forced the farmers to rely on chemical pesticides, thereby further accelerating ecological degradation.

One of the things to note is that coffee is grown on steep slopes of tropical areas. However, as a means to expand the area for coffee growing, the surrounding forests around these farms have been cut, and water has been excessively used.. At the same time, coffee farms have been pushed to move at higher altitudes than before, due to rising temperatures worldwide.

All of this has led to catastrophic and even irreversible changes to our ecosystem. From hereon, we need to safeguard our environment. The future needs to be sustainable, no matter what.

Honest beans brew an honest drink.

Sustainable agriculture is an effort towards meeting society’s needs without compromising future generation’s ability to flourish. It unites three important aspects: a healthy planet, social responsibility, and business profitability. Sustainable farming uses renewable resources to grow its coffee plants. At Araku, our coffee is grown in rich fertile soil; we use organic and locally-sourced compost to keep the soil healthy. Moreover, we apply traditional and sustainable farming methods by growing our coffee plants under the shade of fruit trees.

At Araku, we see to it that both our coffee beans and our people are a part of sustainable practices. Sourcing our coffee beans from the farmer’s cooperative allows the people associated with us to always earn profits regardless of market fluctuations. We are the largest organic coffee cooperative in the world with over 25,000 farmer members. The farmers cultivate coffee in 10,000+ individual farms and are constantly trained and re-trained in organic farming practices. Alongside biomass composting, shade tree plantation, we also minimize water consumption across our value chain.

Araku Originals, since 2008, has aimed to ensure ethical transparency throughout the entire process of coffee production. It is India’s first 100% organic single-origin coffee, whose journey bypasses any middleman. Every cup made from Araku’s beans can be traced back to a farmer in the Araku valley. We believe in always applying ethical sourcing, sustainable practices, and transparency throughout our endeavours.

Every time you brew Araku coffee, we guarantee that it will be an honest cup of delicious warmth.

What can you do to drink sustainably?

Start by paying attention and asking questions to your local coffee shops and retailers about their contribution to sustainability. We recommend that you always look out for brands that have committed to sustainable actions––such as procuring coffee from organic farms and paying fair. Carefully read labels before you buy. You can also make it a point to use reusable filters or compostable coffee pods, wherever possible. Also, don’t forget that every cup matters––use a portable reusable mug when you’re out and about.

More than anything, take some time out and sit down to mindfully sip from a warm ceramic mug. After all, it is the best way to enjoy fresh coffee.

With Araku, you will always be able to brew Speciality coffee that is focused on quality and sustainability. To read more about our sustainability efforts, head over here. And if you would like to try some of our premium coffee beans, you can order from here.