Only coffee lovers around the world know how amazing it feels to open a new coffee can and breathe in its first whiff of intoxicating aroma. We have come to love it so much, we constantly look forward to it while buying a fresh pack and emptying the last one.

However, what happens to the old can? We either dispose it off or keep it aside and forget all about it. But there’s a better way. ARAKU tin cans are made of one of the best packaging materials–open to hundreds of ways to reuse and recycle them. From sprucing up the tin as a new container to gifting it as spice storage, living sustainably can be both rewarding and fun. The lid is made up of 100% cork material making it completely natural, eco-friendly & biodegradable.

By finding new uses for your empty coffee cans & lids, you are investing in a better, greener future for the planet. Read on to find a few unique ways to repurpose and make the most of your tin cans.

Confectionery Jar

How To Recycle Your ARAKU Cans & Lids

Coffee lovers, more often than not, have a sweet tooth. And we’ve finally found a way to bring both our weaknesses–coffee and confectionary together, much after we’ve sipped or gobbled them up.

Introducing the confectionary jar, your one-stop holder for everything you love. From scoping out your final spoon of coffee to adding in all your delicious bakes, a good lookin’ ARAKU tin can take it all.

All you have to do is clean the ARAKU tin thoroughly and add your favourite sweet munchies. Storing food in canisters with an air-tight lid ensures your goodies remain fresh. You can easily carry these beautiful ARAKU tins in your bag or by themselves, without the fear of your sweet treats going stale.

Lid Coaster

Lid Coaster

If you love coffee as much as we do, you probably don’t have enough coasters to keep up that mug collection you own. We have good news, just for you–the lids of ARAKU tins double up as coasters too!

Now make brews after brews without worrying about hot cups touching your work desks. Stack them up or display all your favourite mugs on them, our lids are tough and look great on just about any surface. Especially designed with cork in its natural form, this lid can be the kick-starter to your sustainable lifestyle.

Stationery Holder

Stationery Holder

ARAKU tins look stunning plus they can hold all the items that tickle your brain–first coffee and then stationery.

A setup that many will envy, our ARAKU tins are the perfect pen & post-its holders. An elegant addition to any stationery hoarder’s table, this simple DIY will make your desk look stylish in a minute.

Simply refill your ARAKU tins with your office or art supplies and you’ll never have to look for another one of your highlighters again. A meagre effort for a beautiful holder, this one’s our go-to use for all our ARAKU tins.


Growing plants at home is pure joy. Indoor plants instantly liven up a room without taking up too much space. The choices amongst them are endless–from scented flowers to spicy herbs to spiky cactuses, plants can be as fuss-free to tend as you like.

To grow an indoor plant in a tin can, all you need is a can, fertile soil, seeds or a sapling. First, thoroughly clean the can. When your can is ready, fill one-quarter of it with fertile soil. Then place your sapling or seeds, and add more soil until the can is half full.

And voila! This is how you bring your ARAKU Coffee beans full circle. The organic coffee beans that grew in the Araku Valley were packed in the same tin that you can now grow more plants in. How wonderful is that?

Clearly, ARAKU Coffee is a gift that keeps on giving. First with excellent brews and then with its sustainable packaging.

When you buy from us, you not only empower the independent farmers in the Araku Valley but also enable a green lifestyle for yourself. Take your speciality ARAKU Coffee pick on our website to make both, the beautiful tin and the aromatic brew, a part of your eco-friendly lifestyle.