Travelling is an escape from our daily lives. It encourages us to have new experiences, makes lifelong friends out of strangers, and have memories to look back on. But it’s also not as easy as it looks on Instagram.

For instance, one of the aspects of travelling that irks coffee-lovers the most is finding the first cup of morning caffeine in a new city. During vacations, the options are usually the hotel’s instant coffee or a random coffee shop’s overpriced espresso/watery americano.

If your aim, like us, is to avoid bad coffee as much as you can, then the simple solution is to make it yourself. It may seem like a lot of trouble for a drink but we guarantee a good cup of Araku coffee is the quickest way to being happy (It’s true! Everyone around us says so, too!). We understand the idea might seem challenging but trust us, it will be worth it. And we are here to help you out with a few quick tips so that you can start (and end) each day of your vacation just the way you like it,no matter where you are.



If you’ve been brewing your own coffee for a while, you’ll be familiar with a variety of methods and techniques of roasting, grinding, and brewing coffee. While we encourage replicating your favourite process during your travels, it might not always be possible. Therefore, we have a few premium coffee-making techniques that best complement different travelling styles.


Backpacking requires complete hands-free mobility and versatility. It’s a travelling-style that gets the most out of the experience. Typically, the stays involve hostels and couch surfing. Within these minimal personal spaces, you can make a great community amongst fellow backpackers. And a brewing method that pairs well with backpacking is Aeropress–portable, lightweight, compact, and easy-to-use. It brews a sweet, full-bodied cup of premium coffee.

Aeropress has a cylindrical shape which makes it easy to pack and clean. The design of the brewing system is made out of durable plastic and uses an immersion method for brewing. With Aeropress, it takes around a minute to brew a fresh and flavourful cup. The equipment also allows you to control three very important factors that can help you customise your coffee: water temperature, amount of steep time, and the grounds-to-water ratio.


Long-term travel is our favourite style. It is when you can completely dive into the local culture, travel at a relaxed pace, and get the chance to explore hidden gems. Immersing into a different culture can be eye-opening and inspiring. For these kinds of trips, your list of travel essentials must include a pour-over apparatus. The process of creating pour-over coffee requires patience but it results in a light, clean, and flawless extraction. The outcome of a pour-over also relies heavily on practice. As a long-term traveller, the time it takes to perfect the art of coffee-making is in abundance. And when you are back home from the trip, your skill-set will be up several notches from everyone else.

If you’re wondering which pour-over brewing equipment to carry, two of the most popular choices are Chemex and V60. Both of these have specific design features that create a consistent flow of water and extraction of premium coffee. To learn more about the slow-brewing method that creates coffee as good as the equipment looks, head over to Araku’s Chemex blog. For coffee-brewing with our incredible Hario V60 that boasts a swirling edge, head over to our blog dedicated to this pour-over apparatus.

You can also buy the Chemex and V60 online with Araku!


For a business traveller, coffee is fuel. From running to catch planes to making it on-time for early-morning meetings, Araku coffee makes travelling bearable. For business trips, luggage is usually lightweight, hotel rooms are compact, and travel checklists are short. The French press is a self-contained device that takes minimal space and ensures portability. It is quick in coffee-making, as well; perfect for waking up and seizing the day.

A French press coffee maker allows customizing even within its simple technique of immersing coffee in hot water and plunging it. Araku’s Olivewood coffee press from Hario is a classic and convenient way to brew Speciality coffee with a French press coffee maker. The coffee-brewing process is quick; barely lasts 4 minutes for a deep, full-flavoured cup that is unparalleled in taste. Moreover, no matter which hotel you stay at, you can always make a French press coffee–it doesn’t require paper filters, plastic pods or even electricity. If you would like to learn more about how to make the best French press coffee, head over to our blog dedicated entirely to it!

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Luxury-travel is all about comfort, getting pampered and having the best experience possible. Often it is about staying at the nicest hotels, dining at the best restaurants, and travelling first-class in flights. A luxury-traveller could easily get the best coffee possible with a quick phone call to the room service.

This is where the traditional, classic and evergreen Moka Pot comes in. Its aesthetic & effective machinery creates rich flavours that balance perfectly with the luxury travelling style.

Moka Pot produces a strong, viscous, and delicious Italian-style coffee. It comes with an eight-sided base that diffuses heat equally. The aluminium pot is simple to use, easy to clean up and all it needs is a stovetop–happily available at an apartment-style luxury hotel room. Moka Pot’s friendly style and the impact of its powerful coffee makes it an overall chic and remarkable coffee-making equipment.

You can also explore and buy online our distinct Moka Pots!

For coffee-lovers like us, having the perfect dose of caffeine is a part of our routine. And a bit of travel doesn't need to change that. Let’s take hold of our destiny (in this case, coffee-maker) and create the best travel experience possible.