How do you like your coffee? Is your go-to cuppa a perfectly whipped cappuccino or an irresistible icy treat? Every coffee lover has a unique style, an ideal concoction to devour that heaven-in-a-cup that oozes bliss with each sip.

There are many ways to enjoy ARAKU Coffee and create your fitting pick-me-up cuppa. And just as you wonder which of ARAKU’s variants is best suited for your incomparable coffee fix, we are here to help! Today is all about helping you find your perfect caffeinated match.

We invited four coffeeholic influencers to taste all ARAKU variants in four different forms - Cold Brew, Espresso, Cappuccino and French Press. And this is what they had to say.


All About Espresso?

Opt for ARAKU Signature. A well balanced variant - this is a coffee for everyone! ARAKU Signature is a medium-dark roast and has flavour notes of red fruits, green pepper & dark chocolate. It has a long and clean aftertaste, and remains sweet and fresh with a mild bitterness. If you like your coffee strong and black, packed with a caffeine punch, pick Signature for a delightful treat.

Grind Size: Fine

Voted by: Eeshaan Kashyap, Partner at Pass Code Hospitality

Crazy For A Cappuccino?

If you can’t drink your coffee minus the milk and are looking for the best coffee for a cappuccino – look no further! Your match is the ARAKU Selection. This is a strong, full-bodied, dark-roasted coffee and has high acidity that’s able to penetrate the alkalinity of the milk resulting in the perfect harmony between the sweetness of foamed milk and coffee flavour notes of dark chocolate, toffee & sugarcane. It has creamy and buttery notes with a slightly bitter finish, making it perfect for a cappuccino or a cafe latte.

Grind Size: Fine

Voted by: Gitana Singh, Singer, Chocolatier & Founder of Cocoa Bark Series

Cold Brew Addict?

Your match is the ARAKU Micro Climate. It’s a unique, medium-roasted coffee from rare terroirs of gently sloping, diversely shaded highland micro-plots in the Araku Valley. This variant is 100% naturally processed, adding complexity to the coffee with distinct fruity nuances of raisins, plum, strawberry jam, and orange rind. ARAKU Micro Climate makes a delicious cold brew with its generous body and wholesome notes of almost candied fruit and a hint of elegant bitterness in its finish.

Grind Size: Coarse

Voted by: Anjali Batra, Co-founder of Food Talk India & Gin Explorers Club

Want to learn how to make cold brew at home? Click here to watch our latest step-by-step tutorial.

Love French Press Coffee?

ARAKU Grand Reserve is the one for you. It’s a highly complex coffee, the Grand Cru of ARAKU Coffees, and has beautiful flavour notes of tropical fruits, citrus, dates, olives. It has the right balance between roundness and intensity. Perfectly roasted to a medium-dark roast profile, this variant produces a silky, full-bodied, magical tasting French Press brew that will leave you wanting more. It’s honestly a treat for your senses.

Grind Size: Coarse

Voted by: Shuchir Suri, Co-founder of Food Talk India & Jade Forest

Which is your go-to coffee type that you’re not ashamed of refilling umpteen times a day? Order your ARAKU Coffee match now and tell us more @arakucoffeein