Summer has arrived. And with it, it brings, as always, a bittersweet feeling for most of us. Why bittersweet, you ask? Alongside the rising temperatures and humidity, it opens up the door for simple pleasures, such as drinking icy drinks and eating confectionery. But at Araku, we only see summer as an opportunity to dive into the world of coffee even further (yes, we’re that crazy about coffee). It also gives us one more reason to enjoy the season and stay indoors to create wonderful memories with our favourite drinks.

There’s no doubt that all of us love a good ole cuppa of hot coffee that envelops us with its aroma. But come summer, and we’re tempted to sip all day from a cool glass of fresh coffee. Since the season also gives us more time home with our loved ones, we find ourselves often experimenting with new recipes to create coffee that tastes best when shared. Drinking it together is a refreshing experience and brings family and friends closer.

To make this pandemic-stricken summer an excuse to bond with the people around us--especially since we’re all home--we’ve compiled a few of our favourite recipes. And it has something for everyone. Read on to find easy directions and some quick tricks to discover new ways of making coffee!


Minimum effort. Maximum taste.


1.Strong Iced Coffee

  • Coffee: coarse grind; 50-70 gms
  • Equipment: French Press

With 50-70gms of coffee, brew with the French Press like you usually do. Then pour it over full cups of ice. This will ensure that just enough ice melts so that you can enjoy a nice brew strength, even cold.

2.Iced Coffee

  • Coffee:coarse grind; 35 gms
  • Equipment: French Press

Seep 35 gms of coffee in a French Press for 4 minutes. Then press the plunger and allow the brew to cool. Once room temperature, add ice according to the strength of the coffee you like.

3.Cold Brew

  • Coffee:coarse grind; 55 gms
  • Equipment: Hario Cold Brew

Fill Hario’s filter insert with 55 grams of coffee. Place filter on spouted lid and attach to carafe. Pour filtered room temperature water, about 700 ml, through spout allowing the water to infuse coffee grounds. Replace plug, gently shake carafe to dampen all grounds. Allow it to seep overnight in the refrigerator or 8-10 hours at room temperature . Remove filter insert, strain and store it in the fridge to enjoy it over the next few days.

4.Home Latte

  • Coffee:coarse grind; 113 gms

To a 1 litre vessel, add water and around 27 gms of coffee. Stir it and let it seep overnight or 8-10 hours. Strain it with a cheesecloth or a fine metal strainer. Sweeten it up with some almond milk.


Make it a different experience, every time!

1.Milk/Coffee/Chocolate Ice cubes

Make almond milk ice cubes and fill a tall glass with them. Top the glass with some cold brew and watch the almond milk cascade while you drink. If you would like your coffee to be mild, then try making coffee ice cubes. Then add them to a glass of vanilla soy milk for a chilled café latte. Mash it up with chocolate ice cubes.

2.Tangy Coffee

Make you your homemade cold brew even more refreshing by adding a splash of orange soda to it. You can garnish the drink with an orange slice, rind or zest.

3. Coffee Frappe

Use a blender to combine coffee, ice and creamer. Then pour it into a glass and enjoy your perfect Frappe.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with making delicious coffee every day! And don’t forget to share these recipes with your friends to battle it out once and for all– who makes the best coffee?

Also, we hope you’re safe and healthy. Please continue practising social-distancing from your homes. Let’s get through brew at a time.