It’s that time of the year again, when we put together a list of things we’d like to do differently in the new year. “I won’t miss a training session”, “I’ll finish that book”, “I’ll eat right.” New Year’s resolutions are probably on all our minds, and all over our social media feeds.

If all the previous Januarys have taught us something, it is that sticking to resolutions is often harder than we expect. In fact, research shows that more than half of them fail. So we, at ARAKU Coffee, like to keep our resolutions small and specific, achievable, and centred around coffee, of course.

They say good things should be shared. So we’re sharing our coffee resolutions with you! It helps that they’re easier than committing to the gym. Java geek or not, these should be easy to adopt!

New year. New you. New coffee habits.


We’re not just talking flavour here. But also coffee that’s better for health, both yours, and that of the planet. Make it a point to know where your daily cuppa is coming from. Read the back of the box and scroll through the website. Who grows it? Is it organic? Is it ethically sourced and sustainably grown? Does it support local farmers and communities?

An honest cup is a good investment, health-wise and taste-wise. Plus, knowing that your coffee habit isn’t harming the world is a great bonus. After all, it’s nice to drink coffee that helps you sleep well at night.


You can rarely go wrong with black, be it your wardrobe or your coffee. For those who think black equals bitter, sip again. And sip specialty coffee instead of instant coffee. Arabica beans have a refined taste that’s more fruity than bitter. Ditching the sugar and cream also means that you’re cutting out excess calories. A black cup actually works out to be healthier. Fitness junkies wisened up already. Time for the rest to take note.


If all the WFH meetings during the pandemic haven’t already made you one! Learn how to make your own cup of coffee at home. Experiment with different brews and blends, invest in a new coffee equipment, take online classes, and watch tutorials. By getting behind the brew (and the kitchen counter), you’re sure to discover more of what you truly love!

Buy coffee and get started. You’re your first customer.


After brewing a cup of coffee, don’t discard the remaining coffee grounds. They can be reused in tons of ways. Add them to your indoor plants (we know you bought at least one during the lockdown), treat yourself to an exfoliating facial, use them to keep insects at bay, or as a natural dye. It’s time to let your creativity shine.


Our resident coffee virtuoso, Sherri Johns, once said that “Sharing coffee is a community event”. Somewhere between the endless to-do lists and the many all-nighters, we all bought into the notion that coffee is made to tackle less sleep and more work. But, coffee was always meant to be a social beverage. So this year, try taking out the time to savour a good cuppa. Instead of chugging it in a panicked rush, sit down and enjoy it with a side of conversation. Make up for all those coffee catch-ups that couldn’t happen in 2020.

We’d also love to add “Visit a coffee farm” to this list of resolutions. When the pandemic becomes more travel friendly, head to a coffee farm and pick out your own coffee! We’ll be at ARAKU valley in case you want to come over. Do you have any other coffee centric new year resolution ideas in mind? Holler at