What sets coffee lovers apart is the joy they get from creating their coffee – brewing it, carefully pouring and sipping the warmth soon after. To them (and us), nothing comes close to the smell of freshly-made brew enveloping the entire house.

They’re brimming with experiences because they’re living life as it comes, mastering each day, a cup at a time.

Coffee accessories that are every coffee lover's dream!

At Araku, we believe all of these cups have a story. They kickstart days and often influence them as well. We brew connections with coffee, share mugs with people we love and make memories while at it. We are constantly forming bonds but inherently, we are constantly changing as well.

Our evolving dialogues within our communities reflect the trends around us. Coffeemaking and accessories need to keep up with that, especially when it is such an integral part of our routines.

To keep experiences interesting, a few trends and a lot of accessories are coming out and we are excited to share some of them with you. You can slip them in conversations (over coffee) or reflect on them when you would rather think about coffee than anything else.


Design and usability are the driving forces of trends across coffee accessories. Two of the most exciting (and useful) ones that bring joy each day are:


This trend comes from a wave of minimalism that is also multi-functional. Duality is growing in demand because it encourages versatile usage. Gadgets that do more than was expected of them are interesting innovations and might we add, a lot of fun as well.

In kitchens where chaos is always a meal away, the upcoming coffee accessories minimize their impact on space within homes and the environment.

The all-in-one trend is utilitarian and decluttering. And we’re all for it!


It’s a fact that we are travelling more than we did years ago. This has evolved a lot of our globetrotting habits and we are now taking things that we love instead of settling for alternatives. Technology has also enabled an on-demand lifestyle. Both of these has given rise to coffeemaking and its accessories that can easily be packed and carried.

Leaving the house shouldn’t mean letting go of a good cup of coffee. And we all know, it tastes better in the hills, passed around for some heat and a sip.

The small, lightweight appliances let everyone brew their bit of heaven and make memories. Anytime, worldwide.

Coffee accessories that are every coffee lover's dream

At Araku, we are always keeping track of what coffee lovers enjoy and we make it a mission to bring them closer to the things they love. Most of the accessories at Araku are inspired by trends like minimalism, utilitarianism with the right blend of duality and portability.

Here are a few accessories that make coffee experiences special (and trendy) every day.

The items are divided into three phases of coffee making- brewing, serving and drinking, just like our morning routine.


>Gold Stagg Kettle

The Stagg Pour-Over Kettle is designed to prepare perfect coffee every time. It has the body of a knight with a gooseneck that creates the ideal angle to create coffees. It enables the user to intuitively pour fantastic cups. Moreover, the added attribute of a built-in thermometer unifies technology and functionality in one beautiful kettle.

The process of a pour-over coffee is for people who like to be in control of their brew at each step. It takes patience and attention but it gives back a thicker bodied coffee that maintains consistency. Gold Stagg is not just a beauty, it is a beast of a kettle.

>Moka Pots

Moka Pots are undoubtedly the most popular Italian-stye coffeemakers. They create rich, strong brews with the pressure of steam for a full-flavoured coffee.

These compact brewers are an elegant addition to any kitchen. They come in a variety of styles and colours that make them fit in and stand out at the same time.

The Moka Pots produce coffee that wakes up and refreshes a little differently each day.

The more you brew with them, the better you get at it.

Araku’s version of Moka Pots is developed in partnership with designers at Anderssen & Voll. The designs represent Scandinavian minimalism that can brew the perfect cup in about 10 minutes. Isn’t that sublime?


>Espro Press

A coffee lover’s batch of brew travels with them - to places across cities and continents.

And with Espro Press, good coffee can be taken backpacking as well.

Espro Press is a nomadic all-in-one tumbler that makes coffee and keeps it warm at the same time. It is formed of a stainless steel container with a plunger that supports its infusion system.

Espro Press is small but mighty in its pursuits. It serves cups and cups of coffee so that you can start each day in the mountains crisp and fresh.

>Glass Coffee Server

With a crown that fits the V60 <insert link> dripper on the top, the brew trickles and stays warm in the Hario server’s depths. The ergonomically-designed handle and spout serve delicious coffee to complete the wholesome brewing experience. It is also where the coffee starts its process of meeting you.

The glass appliance serves, stores and helps brew in a single piece. It also manages to look fabulous at the same time.


>Kinto Cup

Coffee-lovers like the process of coffee-making as much as they like to drink the beverage.

Designed to always keep the correct temperature of the drink, the Kinto cup is a double-wall insulation for the drink.

There are no handles on this cup. It lets you feel the warmth while you drink it. It is uncluttered and functional - the cup wants to bring you as close to your love as possible. Undoubtedly, it is a wholesome experience to drink freshly brewed coffee from the Kinto cup.

>Chemex Mug

It is no surprise when coffee lovers mention that they are obsessed with the smell of coffee. The Chemex mug taps right at this sweet spot. The wide brim of the mug brings out the aroma of the brew when the coffee is sipped. The hourglass shape makes it easy to handle and gives the mug an air of elegance.

The handblown Chemex mug is a beautiful appliance for any house that loves minimalism. Or for someone who likes to look at coffee while drinking it. Either way, this mug is IT.

>Espresso & Cappuccino Cups

The two-toned Espresso and Cappuccino sets are created specifically for an experience like none other. Designed exclusively for Araku by acclaimed Norwegian designer duo Anderssen & Voll, they establish a high standard for coffee cups.

They come in shades of glossy yellow, blue, orange and green paired with the classic white. Precisely created for coffee lovers across the globe, they are bound to be your chic coffee-partners for life.


Coffee isn’t a drink for us. At Araku, it is a ritual. Often, the reason why we wake up and smile. We like the warmth it brings and how it slowly brews conversations out of strangers. Sitting down with a book and a mug might be our favourite pastime but so is sipping it among friends in-between laughter and stories.