For a lot of coffee lovers, making the perfect brew every morning is a sacred ritual that starts off their day on just the right note.

For a lot of coffee lovers, making the perfect brew every morning is a sacred ritual that starts off their day on just the right note. And for some connoisseurs, there is nothing quite like a French press coffee maker for their Speciality coffee. Throughout the entire process of making coffee from a French press, there isn’t a step that directly diminishes the flavour of ground coffee beans– no contact with paper filters or unnecessary plastic or metal equipment. Moreover, the coffee press is a self-contained device; it takes minimal space and ensures portability.

The plunger pot mechanism of a French Press is a clean, simple and efficient way to brew coffee. Each cup poured has strong flavours due to the retention of coffee oils throughout the brewing process. French press, undoubtedly, makes coffee taste better while maintaining its texture, density and caffeine content.

Across decades, the French press coffee maker has undergone plenty of modifications. Despite it starting out in France, the coffee press was first patented in the 1920s by an Italian designer Attilo Calimani. The initial version of the press worked with a basic metal or cheesecloth screen to filter the coffee grounds. The modern French press design is quite simple; an assembly of a carafe (beaker) and a plunger. This ease of using the device that creates a wholesome and earthy coffee brew is what sets French press apart.

At Araku, we’re keen about the evolution of coffee and making it accessible to as many people as possible; especially the ones just entering into the coffee-making world. Our Olivewood coffee press from Hario is a classic and convenient way to brew Speciality coffee with a French press coffee maker. The coffee brewing process is quick, barely lasts 4 minutes, for a deep, full-flavoured cup that is unparalleled in taste. Araku’s coffee press is a fuss-free way to make a few cups of coffee for friends and family.

Our promise of Speciality coffee made with ethical farming practices is furthered by our Hario French press. It is an environmentally-friendly method of coffee brewing, for it doesn’t require paper filters, plastic pods or even electricity.

Creating great coffee from this maker doesn’t demand any specific pouring technique like a pour-over does. But it still allows one to have better control over how the coffee’s ultimate taste is. A French press coffee maker allows flexibility even within its simple technique of immersing coffee in hot water and plunging it. But ultimately, the coffee grind and water have the most impact on how the brew turns out. Read on to know more about how you can find a perfect balance for your favourite cup.

Grinding the coffee

The plunger in the coffee press is essentially a sieve. In order for the drink to be just right, the coffee grounds must be consistent, uniform and of a medium grind. Very fine grinds can pass through the filter ultimately making the coffee muddy, bitter and over-extracted; while coarse ones can easily clog the screened filters. Perfect coffee grinds can lead to really clean cups, with distinct crispiness to the acidity.

Water temperature

The temperature of the water helps to extract the distinct flavours of coffee grounds. Since water needs to be heated before adding to the press pot, its temperature defines how the final coffee brew turns out. When the water is lukewarm, the brew is weak in flavour while a boiling temperature could scorch it. One of the ways to make sure the water is approximately the right temperature is to bring the water to a boil and let it sit for a minute.

Making coffee from a French press has a lot to do with experimenting and finding the right ratio that suits your tastes. The more you make, the better it turns out until you have found your own way to make it just perfect. However, to get you started, we have jotted down some quick and easy directions that would get you going as soon as you have Araku’s Hario French press coffee maker and your favourite Araku coffee beans.

Making coffee with Araku’s Hario French Press

The ratio to create a cup with the French press is 12g of coffee, approximately a teaspoon, for 200ml of water. And the equipment needed is a kettle, kitchen scale, Araku’s Hario French press and of course, your favourite cup to sip from.

The first step would be to heat the water to around 93°c. Or you can heat till the water ripples. While the water is warming up, you can ground the coffee beans; preferably coarse. When the water is ready, pour a little into the French press and swish it around. This is to avoid thermal shock; if the heated water hits a cold coffee brewer, the water can immediately cool down.

Then you can empty the water from the coffeemaker. Now add the 12g of coffee into the French press and pour the hot water. You can pour it in a spiralling motion, or any other pattern as long as you ensure the grounds are evenly submerged. When you’re done, replace the lid without pressing and let the coffee infuse for 4 minutes.

To avoid a bitter-tasting coffee, remove the excess coffee from the surface and gently press the plunger.

Voila! This is all it takes to make coffee from our Hario French press. It is recommended to serve and enjoy right after plunging so that you get all the right flavours.


The method of creating coffee from the French press has been used for decades. And it is true, there is still nothing quite like it. It is an easy process that imparts the full flavours of your favourite beans – what else does any coffee lover ask for?