Art can be defined as a visual, auditory or performing expression while Speciality coffee is the highest grade of coffee in which the entire supply chain focuses on maintaining excellent quality.

It may sound like they might not have a lot in common, except for perhaps aesthetic purposes (Hello Instagram!). But there is much to explore in both of these realms separately as well as together..

They may be two very different worlds yet they’re powered by the same cultural shift: creating experiences. As we know, many industries such as education, entertainment, manufacturing, and marketing have started to develop experiences instead of two-dimensional products, movies, lessons, or campaigns. This is because experiences evoke feelings and stay with us longer. In the beginning, they may seem purely for fun but they have the ability to affect us like nothing else.

This is where coffee and art collide.

Both affect our intrinsic being; they are created to illuminate our inner selves and enrich our sensorial world.

It is no wonder that they have a lot in common, right?

5 reasons why art and specialty coffee go together

1. They spark conversations

Art stimulates thoughts and in turn, induces conversations. By reflecting on a piece of art, we delve into our own interpretation of what it means. Art can signify different things to everyone who comes across it. This dynamic nature of art, as a means of creative observation encourages us to share our perspective and findings with others around us.

The same goes for Specialty coffee. All of us have cultivated a specific taste and therefore may prefer our drink a certain way. But most often, after the very first sip of coffee, we declare our verdict on it. This forges further discussion of our likes, dislikes and everything in between.

Art and coffee, both have very distinct identities. Observation and appreciation of them helps us open our minds, and indulge in more thoughtful conversations where we understand other’s choices as well as our own.

Nuanced art and Speciality coffee are often not for mass consumption. To appreciate either of them, we first require a refined taste and an unparalleled curiosity. This further unites the community and helps start new and interesting conversations every day.

2. A way of exploring the culture

Art is often born out of social bonds among individuals. It reflects experiences, common values, and identities. But most importantly, art is communication. Due to art, people from various cultures and eras learn about each other via images, sounds, and stories. Art transcends the time and space it was created in--it invites social change while reflecting the circumstances it was produced in. It speaks to everyone--across ages and a multitude of diversity.

Speciality coffee, on the other hand, has been born from social change. It was created out of the need for a system that gives the highest priority to quality. From seed to cup, from the harvest of fully ripe cherries to perfect roasting, all of it relies heavily on science, sense, and sensibilities of farmers, roasters, and brewers.

When all of these communities come together and create coffee that makes every sip--as well as the conversations following it--delicious, it consistently sets a new cultural benchmark. Coffee unites people from various walks of life, not only while creating it but also drinking it.

3. Tickles more senses than one

Art and Specialty coffee are created after immense cultivation of skills. As said during the start of the blog, they’re part of the same experiential culture-shift. Their aim is to create a finished product that provides a multi- sensorial experience.

When we drink coffee, we can taste its flavours and smell its aroma; which in turn calms us, and makes us contemplate. And when we interact with art, it has the same effect on our senses.. It helps us understand the artist and culture better through sight, smell, sound or touch. It makes us feel a varied set of emotions and more often than not, brings back memories.

4. Its identity is the response it creates

Art and coffee, both rely on the emotional experiences they create. When we interact with art, we try and process how we feel about it. This is the pause where we register emotions and are transported into a world the artist has managed to create. Art appreciation and interpretation complete the artwork–it’s a full circle, from the artist to us.

The same way, Speciality coffee’s identity is ultimately expressed when we drink and truly enjoy its wholesome experience. When we appreciate the journey the coffee beans have been through, from seed to cup, we complete the identity of the drink.

5. Makes you pause

Do you ever look at art or take the first sip of your favourite coffee and just feel pure unadulterated awe? Art could come in the form of a sculpture, a song, a play, a poem, a novel and instantly take your breath away. When we are intrinsically moved by art, we are transported to a new place. We either become hyper-aware or for a while, are lost in the moment.

Coffee, on the other hand, relaxes and soothes us. Its aroma calms us while the caffeine in it gives us a burst of energy. But it is the taste that truly makes us pause. Each batch of Araku coffee is 100% Arabica coffee and is unblended & single-origin. These are roasted in Araku’s state-of-the-art facilities with drum-roasting technology which preserves the natural flavour and aroma of the beans so that they can express the unique taste profile of our terroir-based farms.

When one sips coffee brewed from Araku’s coffee beans, the aroma and the drink’s complex flavours all collide to create an experience like none other. It’s a work (taste) of art, wouldn’t you agree?